Ghost Town Trail is an impressive rail trail 40-50 miles long, consisting of multiple sections in two counties. We were really excited about taking horses there. But the question was, can you ride horses on it?? Because info online was useless!

Both Cambria and Indiana counties got back to me and told me horseback riding is not allowed on their rail trails. I suggest you therefore take horses and money you spend to other counties where horses riders are welcomed!

For example the 17+ mile Lower Trail in Blair and Huntingdon counties would love to have you visit. Check out Horseback Riding Guide: Lower Trail. Also see our more general guide Horseback Riding Guide: Pennsylvania Rail Trails.

Ironically, a trail-user survey conducted in 2009 by Rails to Trails and posted on Cambria county’s website says this:

So apparently at some point they decided they couldn’t be bothered with horseback users, so screw them! Who wants to go to Cambria or Indiana counties, anyway? Buncha dickheads! 🙂