We have mapped a huge number of public horse riding trails and even some horse driving trails for Pennsylvania and surrounding states in OpenStreetMap.

Trails can be viewed using the Waymarked Trails website…

Pennsylvania Horse Trail Map

Click on the [Routes] button at lower right and zoom in and out to vary the trails shown. Click on a specific trail to get additional details.

Map of Pennsylvania horse riding trails

We have added:

  • most Pennsylvania rail trails that allow horses for any distance
  • most Pennsylvania state parks and forests with significant horse trails
  • many State Game Lands designated trails open to horse use

We believe this is probably the most comprehensive map of public riding trails for Pennsylvania–period! We also added maps for bordering areas of Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Delaware, and a few horse driving trails.

All of this is free and open data, no signing up for anything, no monthly fees. You can download an area of trails to your phone or GPS for free.

Other Ways to Map Horse Trails

You can also see this data in OpenStreetMap, but it’s much harder to locate trails specifically open to horse use:


You can also create your own routes and maps using sites like (there is no “horse” mode, but setting it for hiking works fairly well):

GraphHopper Maps

Contribute Your Favorite Trails

You can help! Let us know if there are trails you ride that should be included.