While mapping horse trails in the mid-Atlantic, it occurred to me that it would be really fun to cover the entire C&O Canal Trail on horses, from Cumberland to Potomac, Maryland. While only a few small segments of the GAP Trail between Cumberland and Pittsburgh are open to horse riding, 165 miles of the C&O Canal Trail are available!

Obviously this isn’t something to do in a weekend or two. I envision riding 10-15 miles at a time, over the course of a couple years. Using a shuttle and riding horses only one direction would be most practical. Due to bugs and crowds, riding in spring and fall would probably be best, and weekdays might be needed in the crowded parts.

If anyone else in the region would entertain doing this, please get in touch!

The area around Cumberland is an easy enough trip down I-99 from Altoona and State College. We could try the first few segments going east and see how it works out. That area is where some of my ancestors lived, so covering it would be a satisfying start.