Where can I ride horses on Pennsylvania State Game Lands?

Many of Pennsylvania’s State Game Lands have trails open to horse riding, hiking, and mountain biking. They call these “designated routes”. Access is restricted during hunting seasons. It’s probably always a good idea to wear hi-viz colors when using these areas!

New Map

We’ve mapped most State Game Lands horse trails in Central Pennsylvania into OpenStreetMap. You can conveniently view them using…

Waymarked Trails: Horse Riding

Just a few of the ones we’ve mapped are SGL 26, SGL 41, SGL 48, SGL 60, SGL 67, SGL 73, SGL 88, SGL 100, SGL 107, SGL 108, SGL 113, SGL 118, SGL 147, SGL 158, SGL 166, SGL 198, SGL 228, SGL 295, SGL 322.


Rules for these State Game Lands trails are confusing. We’ve tried to clarify:

  • You can always ride on roads open to public travel.
  • Riding on Sundays is permitted year-round
    (except presumably the new Sunday-hunting days)
  • Riding is NOT permitted from…
    last Saturday in September thru the third Saturday in January
    (but is permitted on non-hunting Sundays).
  • Riding is NOT permitted before 1 pm from…
    second Saturday in April thru the last Saturday in May.
  • Designated trails for horse riding should be marked
    (see example of sign above)

Does that make sense? Argh.

More Info

The state has more info including some maps and trail descriptions (which are often really terrible and sometimes totally wrong!) at:

State Game Lands info