Many of Pennsylvania’s State Game Lands have what they called “designated routes” which are open to use by horses and bicyclists. Access is restricted during hunting seasons. It’s probably always a good idea to wear hi-viz colors when using these areas!

The rules for these trails are confusing. We’ve tried to clarify:

  • You can always ride on roads open to public travel.
  • Riding on Sundays is permitted year-round
    (except presumably the new Sunday-hunting days)
  • Riding is NOT permitted from the last Saturday in September thru the third Saturday in January
    (except non-hunting Sundays).
  • Riding is NOT permitted before 1 pm from the second Saturday in April thru the last Saturday in May.
  • Designated trails should be marked

Does that make sense? Argh.

Find more info including some maps at:

State Game Lands info