Here are a few horse related links that might be of interest if you visit this site.

Purple Lizard Maps

The original “outdoors” printed maps for Central Pennsylvania. Always wise to carry a printed map! They work even when the batteries are dead 😉

Trail Rider’s Path

Printed guide to horse riding locations in Pennsylvania. A commendable effort, but obviously any printed guide is limited in areas it can cover and how up-to-date the information is. But it doesn’t take batteries!

Maryland Five Star

The United States has finally acquired its second world-class equestrian event, and it’s only a few hours from Central Pennsylvania!

Fair Hill

Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area in the northeast corner of Maryland is one of the most amazing equestrian parks in the Mid-Atlantic. Almost 6000 acres of diverse terrain right next door to Pennsylvania and Delaware, with trails for horse riding, horse driving, biking, hiking, etc.

Explore PA Trails

This site allows you to find trails in Pennsylvania based on area and use, including “Equestrian”. Not a huge amount of info but still useful.


Rails to Trails Conservancy created this site to promote their trails. There is some good information on the site, but much of it is geared towards walkers or bikers and not equestrian users. Also, the site wants you to register to provide access to all the features, because of course they simply must track you.

Trail Forks

One of the better trail user sites that I’ve found. It’s a little confusing to figure out all the features, but once you do you can get a lot of information in one place. Some areas have better coverage than others. Full access requires a subscription, of course, so they can track you.


Why in the world anyone would want to use any other search engine is beyond me! DDG’s business model includes making money without invading your privacy or attempting to track your every action in life. Tell that “g” company to piss off, and squeeze the Duck instead!