God’s Country trail network offers a huge network of more than 80 miles of horse riding trails in Potter county in northern Pennsylvania, with four primitive camping areas.

Regretfully, Pennsylvania does a pathetic job providing any kind of amenities in this area. If you can afford a trailer with living quarters you’re good, otherwise you might want to try another state if you’d like upscale comforts like bathrooms or drinking water.

Online Map

We’ve created an online slippy map of trails and roads as shown on the official state map.

Mapbox – Gods Country Trails

Map of horse riding trails at God's Country

The new map shows color coded horse trailer parking and camping locations:

official horse trailer parking


A section of trail that runs along Pine Hill Road (Rt 44) from Twelve Mill Trailhead to the Dyer Connector is not highlighted correctly as a horse trail on the map. It does show up as a trail.

A few steep areas are shown with a red caution symbol.

Horse Trailer Parking

Main horse trailer parking areas for day use are:

  • Twelve Mile Trailhead
  • Rauch Road Gas Well Trailhead

Horse Camping

An organized campground with 8 designated sites is at Dyer CCC Campground. A manure bin is available. NO restrooms. NO running water. NO stalls; highline or tie rail only. Wow, welcome to the dark ages.

Four sites are at a less formal and very popular campground at Twelve Mile Camping Area. This is commonly called “Horsey Hilton”, though a Hilton provides a lot more amenities than Pennsylvania horse camping sites. Like toilets and running water. All you get is a picnic table and a manure bin. No stalls; highline only.

Limited camping is also available at Twelve Mile Trailhead, with a ten trailer limit and no facilities. Unless you consider a picnic table special. How’s that for comfort! No water. No stalls; highline only.

Limited camping at the Rauch Road Gas Well Trailhead has a five trailer limit. They also get one picnic table. Astonishing what government can do for taxpayers. No toilets. No water. No stalls; highline only.

Note: Portable corrals are NOT permitted at these locations.


It does not appear running water is available anywhere for you or your horses. Welcome to Pennsyltucky!


It does not appear there are ANY public restrooms provided in this area. Pennsylvania should really be ashamed of what a pathetic attempt they make at providing for public recreation.