SGL 41 is about 2600 acres in two remote parcels in Morrison’s Cove near Roaring Spring and New Enterprise, Pennsylvania. Almost all of the game land is wooded, and it has some hills but doesn’t seem too steep.

View from Wildcat Boulevard entering SGL 41

Designated trails open to horseback riding form a Y shape of 2.5 miles, so if you ride it all out and back you’re at 5 miles. Because of limited parking options, you will probably add a bit of mileage on access roads in order to get to the designated trails.

Link to PA Waymarked Trails: SGL 41


It looks like some of the trails may be gravel or dirt roads, but some are also overgrown grass lanes. Due to the remote nature of this game lands, it is unlikely these get mowed very often. Spring and fall might be better than peak summer.

Getting There

There are three accesses for SGL 41, two of which are not very obvious!

North Side

From PA 867 (Lafayette Road) at the village of Bakers Summit, turn east on Wildcat Boulevard. Pass an equipment dealer and the woods on your left are the start of the SGL. Soon you will come to Barrens Road going off on your left. Access into the SGL is straight ahead and branches to two parking areas.

East Side

From PA 36 (Woodbury Pike) at the village of Woodbury, turn west on Club House Road (T635). Wind past a number of farm lanes and then a long straight stretch takes you to a gravel lane on your left, just at the start of gun club property. The road looks like a private driveway, but stay to the right before the private house and the lane goes a short distance to a gravel parking lot, which is quite narrow. It may be tough to get around the gate at this lot; there isn’t much gap!!

South Side

From PA 868 (Potter Creek Road) at the village of Maria, there is a narrow lane going east across from Snyder Creek Road. It looks like a private driveway and there is a Private Property sign on the left, but it is actually SGL access. It winds past several camps and an overgrown farm. At 0.3 miles there is a branch to the right which quickly dead-ends at a gate with no space to turn. Just ahead is another branch to the right which climbs up a very narrow lane to parking at a gate 0.75 miles from the main road.

Horse Trailer Parking

The biggest problem with SGL 41 is limited parking for horse trailers.

The biggest parking spot is back Wildcat Boulevard from Bakers Summit. Go straight at the intersection with Barrens Road and stay to the left at a fork. The road has been resurfaced with coarse shale, but trucks are packing it pretty well. About 0.7 miles from Barrens Road you come to a large parking area before a gate. It’s mostly bare dirt but there is a little grass.

As of July 2024, they are logging here and this area is used to turn and load semi trucks. Don’t plan on parking here weekdays, though weekends and holidays are probably ok.

The start of the designated trail is 0.5 miles back the way you came in, so this will add distance to your ride.

Main parking area at north end of SGL 41.

Another option is to park at the actual north end of the designated trail. There is a small lot there which is tight for turning around. From the intersection of Wildcat Boulevard and Barrens Road, go 0.2 miles east, staying right at a fork. There is grass and shade here.

Limited parking at the north end of designated trail, roughly at Wildcat Boulevard and Barrens Road

You can probably park 1-2 trailers on the shoulder of Wildcat Boulevard (north side) before Barrens Road. The land there is SGL. There is also a small parking area a little to the west of here. Wildcat Boulevard is unlikely to get much traffic.

Parking along grass shoulder of Wildcat Boulevard at SGL 41

Parking on the east side of the lands off Clubhouse Road is a bit tight. The parking lot is long and narrow.

Tight parking lot on east side off Club House Road near Woodbury

Parking at the south end near the village of Maria is quite difficult. There is a long and very narrow road back to the parking areas. The first parking area is too small to turn around. The one farther back is bigger and at least has gravel. But the lane is really narrow and there isn’t much space to pull off.

Some parking near Maria, but accessed via a long and very narrow lane!